MAGI’s beginnings can be traced back to the 1980′s when significant inroads were shaping the social development landscape in Mindanao.

MAGI stands for Managing Alternatives Group, Inc.. Formally established in 1989, it is one of the leading service agencies in Mindanao committed to genuine people’s empowerment.

MAGI’s various services are clustered into five key programs: Project Development Consultancy Services (PDCS), Training and Resource Development Services (TRDS), Community Resource Development Services (CRDS),Research, Documentation, and Publication Service (RDPS), and Institutional Strengthening and Administrative Support Services (ISASS).

MAGI commits itself not simply to effect a transfer of skills, but to facilitate a process whereby people in general and change leaders in particular are able to articulate transformation and development theories, evolve creative methodologies out of their own praxis and cultures, and apply them to bring about a better future.

MAGI envisions:

A future free from exploitation of any form. A future free from any form of oppression, manipulation, domination and violation of human rights … A future free from all forms of subservience, discrimination and wars … A future free from ecological destructions, disasters and violence …